Online electronic transactions are fast becoming the new monetary system. With this new technology comes some uncertainty especially if you have never placed a transaction online.

This guide is designed to help you understand what happens as you place your online order and what safe guards are in place for your protection.

Using a secure online order form is as SAFE as a transaction at your local store or ordering something from a catalog by phone. In fact this type of process is many times safer than providing your credit card information over the phone for a catalog purchase. Here is why: as you submit a secure transaction online, the security system encrypts the message and sends it to the company processing your order. The company you are purchasing your item from has the ability to decode the encryption and read your order. Any "eyes" in between are LOCKED OUT by the encryption.

So how can you be sure that the transaction you are about to proceed with is SECURE?

  1. Before you place your personal and credit card  information into a form, you can check to be sure that it is a secure form by:

    • Looking at the web site URL (address in the address bar of your browser) if it has a https at the beginning it is a secure transaction (see picture below)


  2. But not all sites will show this in the address bar because of the style of site design. So there is a second check you can make: Netscape browser users should see an un-broken key at the bottom left of your screen, and Internet Explorer & AOL browser users should see a padlock near the bottom right of your screen to confirm this transaction is secure.

If you should have any doubt as to the authenticity of a secure site, do not place an order online! You can always call the merchant and place the order by phone.

Your comments or questions are always welcome.

Bill Wright
Awesome Web Site Marketing